On Humility

An unexpected personal finding: praying is hard.  Praying every night, which I resolved to do, whatever the circumstances, is unexpectedly hard. Sometimes I don’t want to.  Sometimes I’d rather work late, or surf the Net or do the laundry, or talk to my husband…or anything…rather than get down on my knees and pray to my Father and admit the sins of the day.  Especially if they were the sins of yesterday and the day before that and so on and so on.

I failed again.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Again.

We’re so used to being proud of ourselves for our accomplishments and sweeping the failures under the rug.  To bring them out each night is humbling.  Once in a while though, I feel, even as I fight myself to surrender, the joy of it.



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2 responses to “On Humility

  1. peter

    I’ve noticed that about prayer. I grew up very strictly taught to address God with thees and thous and come into His presence in Jesus’ name and then proceed to thank Him for Calvary and then finish up with intercession for the sick and a thankyou for something good. All good stuff in its time.
    But prayer is a talk. A mind talk. A communication so other-worldly we cannot hold up a 3G mobile phone with bluetooth as any great discovery! Romans 8v26—>We have a great default automatic graceful resource in the person of the Holy Spirit who groans for us in ways that CANNOT be put into words. This happens me very often. I need Gods presence in the room or in the shop, anywhere! on the loo! and I can hardly ask for it due to tiredness, crisis, emotional turmoil, doubt. A good example is that the paralysed christian who cannot speak or whose mind is hurt by disability or disease makes use of the Holy Spirit as He intercedes at the throne. He KNOWS. Already! His presence doesnt EVER leave.

    Relax. Don’t summon God. Begin by waiting on the Lord silently and you will hear His whisper, the still small voice and before you know it your alarm will go off and you’ll be wrecked from being up praying for ppl so long earlier that morning..lol



  2. peter

    I re-read your post and I see that you meant it was hard to pray sometimes due to guilt?

    Your off the guilt radar…you are ‘cloaked’ down here in enemy territory from Gods wrath…covered in blood. :)

    Get up christian and swing another punch!..get some Hope….yeeha

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