Impossible Persons

Reading the comments in a post on Unconditional Election (in a TULIP series), I ran across this interesting bit:

Dr. Mohler answered a question on election/human responsabilityl/God’s sovereignty to this doctrine in his debate with Dr. Patterson at the last SBC convention:
there are two impossible persons: those who want to be saved and are not saved and those who do not want to be saved and are saved”. Not an exact quote but I guess it is close… [italic emphasis mine]


Is that a little reductionist, or is that the deal?



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2 responses to “Impossible Persons

  1. Oh. I get it now.

    I’d read “impossible” the wrong way. Like an angry sister, to her brother: “You’re impossible!” (So very 1958, I admit.)

    I suspect that’s the deal. Certainly it is where the gospel is readily available and known.

    If God was just, would he send a person who sincerely wanted to be “saved”, and was willing to do whatever it took, to hell?

    Or would he credit something to someone who refused to even ask for it, and wouldn’t want it?

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