My name is Tracey.  I'm not sure about sharing anymore identifying information than that.  

I was baptised a Christian at Little Gallilee Church camp in my early teens, but have spent most of my adult life separated from Christ.  I came back to Him this Easter (2006).  

One reason I strayed and stayed away so long is that I understood Christianity to be based on a feeling – a feeling of blind faith.  I had so many questions – but there were very few answers to be found – at least answers based in any kind of rationality and logic.  Most seem to boil down to "because the Bible said so."

But just because I got no answers as a teen that made sense to me doesn't mean those questions went away.  And neither did God.

There were many small moments and communications between us that kept the path clear enough so that when I was shown a light, shining through the eyes of someone I had come to respect, I was able to walk though.

Shortly after this, I started surfing through Christian blogs, looking for answers to these long-lost questions.  I came across the term apologetics, and after reading about it on wikipedia, was amazed to find there was a whole field dedicated to defending the Christian faith with intelligence and rationality!  

Even more amazing, the second Sunday I went to my new church, the guest speaker was a professor from a highly respected seminary.  His specialty turned out to be…you guessed it…apologetics.

This blog is about my quest for God and learning the Christian faith, and defending it in this crazy world so that it makes sense.  

I know very, very, VERY little now.
I will know very, very, VERY little when I die.

But in the mean time, my hope is that I can use the gifts I've received to grow that little bit of knowledge of God's love and God's truth and share it in a way that gives plausibility and hope and salvation to whomever I can touch.

I have a feeling this ain't gonna be easy.


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