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A lil too much theology…

Sometimes a little humor can put it in perspective:



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10 Things I Didn’t Know About Christianity

1.  The Holy Spirit is our friend that comforts and guides us until Jesus returns.  I guess I just thought he hung around for your baptism and then swooped around here and there afterwards.  Yes, I was a shockingly ignorant Christian.

2.  The Greek word for Spirit (Pneuma) is also the word for air, wind and breath.   Since I have found this out, when I think of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, I think of God's breath keeping me alive rather than my own, which is just a delightful thought.

3. Legalism is relying on your own ability to follow God's laws and rules, and really just can't be done.  It leads to you thinking you can save yourself or earn your salvation.  Only God saves us.  Really!  The only way!  I remember thinking the whole thing was so futile because nobody could be that good.  Okay, I get it now – that *IS* the point.  This has been a real mind bender to me, and I find my mind still trying to find sneaky ways around it and encouraging me to "prove" to God I'm worthy.  

4. New heaven and new earth.  Huh, how 'bout that?  No clue that was even there.

5. People do not turn into angels when they die.  Angels are totally separate and different.  

6. Demons can masquerade as angels of light.  This is not good.  I don't like this at all.

7.  Our heavenly Father longs for us.  He wants us to be with him – like crazy!!  And it really hurts him if we turn away.  Longs for.  Wow.

8.  You can pray for very meta stuff – to learn how to pray, for example.  Or for God to grant you the *desire* to do something he wants you to do, but you don't have any desire for that at all.  

9.  The body of Christ is not just the communion ritual.  It's the whole church – you and your brothers and sisters are all in Christ as a body.  

10. The Gospel really is really, really, REALLY Good News!!

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Bit of a Laugh

The last couple of my posts have been rather somber. With good reason, I think, but I thought I would share something that made me laugh out loud while researching the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism.

A little test

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